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Model Types

The top-level model_type parameter specifies the type of model to use.

The following model types are supported:

  • ecd (default): Encoder-Combiner-Decoder neural network model.
  • gbm: Gradient Boosting Machine tree-based model.
model_type: ecd

Every model type has trainers associated with it. See the Trainer section for details about the supported training algorithms per model type.

Model Type: ECD

See the ECD documentation for details about the Encoder-Combiner-Decoder deep learning architecture.


The full breadth of Ludwig functionality is available for the ecd model type.

Model Type: GBM

The GBM model type is a gradient boosting machine (GBM) tree model. It is a tree model that is trained using a supported tree learner. Currently, the only supported tree learner is LightGBM.


Selecting the gbm model type introduces the following limitations:

  • only binary, category, and number features are supported
  • only a single output feature is supported
  • the combiner section is ignored