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Third-Party Integrations

Using Integrations

Ludwig provides an extendable interface to integrate with third-party systems. To activate a particular integration, simply insert its flag into the command line. Each integration may have specific requirements and use cases.

Available integrations

Comet ML

--comet - logs training metrics, environment details, test results, visualizations, and more to Comet.ML. Requires a free account. For more details, see Comet's Running Ludwig with Comet.


--aim - complete experimentation trackings with configuration, metadata, hyperparameters, losses and terminal logs. In order to see and end to end Aim-Ludwig training and tracking example please refer to our demo. For more details about Aim refer to the documentation.

Weights & Biases

--wandb - logs training metrics, configuration parameters, environment details, and trained model to Weights & Biases. For more details, refer to W&B Quickstart.

ML Flow

--mlflow - logs training metrics, hyperopt parameters, output artifacts, and trained models to MLflow. Set the environment variable MLFLOW_TRACKING_URI to log results to a remote tracking server.

Add more integrations

For more information about integration contributions, please see the Developer Guide.