Speaker Verification

This example describes how to use Ludwig for a simple speaker verification task. We assume to have the following data with label 0 corresponding to an audio file of an unauthorized voice and label 1 corresponding to an audio file of an authorized voice. The sample data looks as follows:

audio_path label
audiodata/audio_000001.wav 0
audiodata/audio_000002.wav 0
audiodata/audio_000003.wav 1
audiodata/audio_000004.wav 1
ludwig experiment \
--dataset speaker_verification.csv \
  --config_file config.yaml

With config.yaml:

        name: audio_path
        type: audio
            audio_file_length_limit_in_s: 7.0
                type: stft
                window_length_in_s: 0.04
                window_shift_in_s: 0.02
        encoder: cnnrnn

        name: label
        type: binary