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Style Guidelines and Tests

Style Guidelines

We expect contributions to mimic existing patterns in the codebase and demonstrate good practices: the code should be concise, readable, PEP8-compliant, and conforming to 80 character line length limit.


We are using pytest to run tests. To install all the required dependencies for testing, please do pip install ludwig[test]. Current test coverage is limited to several integration tests which ensure end-to-end functionality but we are planning to expand it.


Before running tests, make sure

  1. Your environment is properly setup.
  2. You have write access on the machine. Some of the tests require saving data to disk.

Running tests

To run all tests, just run python -m pytest from the ludwig root directory. Note that you don't need to have ludwig module installed and in this case code change will take effect immediately.

To run a single test, run

python -m pytest path_to_filename -k "test_method_name"


python -m pytest tests/integration_tests/ -k "test_visual_question_answering"