Natural Language Understanding

utterance intent slots
I want a pizza order_food O O O B-Food_type
Book a flight to Boston book_flight O O O O B-City
Book a flight at 7pm to London book_flight O O O O B-Departure_time O B-City
ludwig experiment \
  --dataset nlu.csv \
  --config_file config.yaml

With config.yaml:

        name: utterance
        type: text
        level: word
        encoder: rnn
        cell_type: lstm
        bidirectional: true
        num_layers: 2
        reduce_output: null
          word_tokenizer: space

        name: intent
        type: category
        reduce_input: sum
        num_fc_layers: 1
        fc_size: 64
        name: slots
        type: sequence
        decoder: tagger